About us

Located in Yuhang Economic Development Zone, ZHEJIANG SHININGLION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is an entity company, specializing in research and development, design, production and sale of medical devices, rehabilitation equipment and fitness equipment. with over 12,000 square meters of floor space and over 6,500 square meters of construction area. From the very first upon it’s establishment, Shininglion have this as it’s long term objective----improve the life quality of people. With a people oriented culture, Our company keep it as a goal to improve health with the assistance of quality of life. Under the direction of “improve products together with brand, courage sale in domestic as well as overseas market, combine traditional and high-tech industry ”, Shininglion adhere to innovation and scientific development, making “ Creativity, Brand, Harmony” and “ Integrity, Civilization, Responsibility” well serve Shininglion during it’s service to the society.

Shininglion, so far, equips with professional and advanced production facility. Complying with the high international standard, our company set up a well-organized manufacturing technique and strict inspection criteria. Every part, every detail, every process have been paying close attention to. In achieving this, a elaborated procedure has been invented. Always keeping in mind of the mission of our company, that is “running the company by using advanced technology, wining the credit by presenting perfect quality”, everyone in Shininglion attach great importance to brand building and devoted to design and produce of high-tech products as well as patented products. Vibrancy and generousity is our hope toward future. Wisdom and elan is our born nature. Creativity and creation is our long lasting core competence. Integrity and goodness is source of our future prosperity. Hope Zhejiang Shininglion Technology Company will be a bright guiding star in this industry, in the meantime contribute to our society in return and lead a long lasting wonderful business life.
Competitive price
With a great control of various costs like material cost, operating cost, ect, We are able to keep our prices competitive.
Knowing that high quality makes our clients keep coming around, we pay most importance to our quality.
Complete certification
ISO9001 for quality control, CE for European market, FSC for southeastern market, FDA for American market and ect.
Excellent design
Our design caters to various needs of patients. That helps our design win clients’ heart. And several of our special design has been patented.