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What do you need to know about hospital beds before making your choice?

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Whether it's for the needs of hospice, post-operative recovery or home care, the hospital bed can help both reduce the patient's suffering and help the caregiver.


Hospital beds are used at home, hospitals and hospices to help sick, injured or elderly people pinned to a bed so they can rest comfortably.




Various types of hospital beds


There is no universal bed that can be used in any situation. Hospital beds have been used since 1815. since the first models were stationary, with no side barriers and adjustability.

Today there is a wide variety of models that offer individual positioning, travel wheels, side guards for greater safety, and lift height for the convenience of patient-serving staff.


Here are several types of hospital beds:


Hospital bed with manual mechanism - the bed is adjusted to the patient-friendly position using special handles / mechanisms. And here you can choose from a variety of models - from the simplest - with lifting in the area of the head to the more sophisticated models with head lift and leg lift functions as well as adjustable height or slope.The advantage of these models is that they are at a relatively low price, but manual work is required to adjust the appropriate position.


Electrical hospital bed - In these models, all operations related to adjusting the patient-friendly bed position are done by means of a remote control knob or control panel on the bed itself.

These models can also vary with the different functions - head and leg lifting, height lifting and tilting of the whole bed at an angle / trendelenburg-antradelenburg position.


Semi-electric bed - here the functions are divided as follows: the head is lifted by the electronics with a remote control, but the height is adjusted by a manual mechanism.


Hospital care beds - these are models that are designed to look more like a regular bed. They can be both mechanical and electrical.


The main features and attachments for the aforementioned types of hospital beds are:


Lift of head section

Raise the lower leg section

Raising of height

Lifting the base at an angle - Trendeburg / Antwerpenburgburg



Side barriers

Infusion stand

The choice of features and plug-ins depends on your judgment for the needs of patients or your relatives in need of a hospital bed.


Although hospital beds of a kind may look the same and have similar prices, there are different models that have different features, and thorough scrutiny is necessary for making wise decision.

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